My Top 5 SEO and Money Bloggers To Follow

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Jeroen Waning, and I’ve created this blog with all the knowledge I’ve gained from following the guys on my top money bloggers list.

Please keep in mind that this is just my list, and it is strictly based on how I learned to make money online and expand my online business.

My Mentors Of Internet Marketing

  1. Kelly FelixKelly Felix – This compassionate, rags-to-riches affiliate marketer was the first to introduce me to the power and leverage of creating a passive income online. He is the creator of the system called Bring The Fresh (details here). This is when I was able to ditch my guessing game and put a proven formula to work for me. It still too me three months to make my first ClickBank affiliate sale, but that was because I was also working full-time AND going to school full-time. The Bring The Fresh system he created reveals everything that Kelly Felix had struggled to learn when he first started. However, it just cuts out the stuff that doesn’t work and gets straight to the good stuff. Here, I learned how to do proper keyword research, buy the right domain name for SEO, get affordable web hosting that didn’t suck, setup WordPress, where to get good content for cheap, optimize my website for SEO, and how to build powerful back links. Still going back to Bring The Fresh every once in a while to check for new stuff after several years of success, I find more advanced marketing strategies posted there all the time. The forum there is also an excellent way to get your questions answered quickly and accurately, and it provides for a way for you to give back once you have become successful. Learn more.
  2. Alex BeckerAlex Becker – This guy is quite the character and I really enjoy visiting his video blog, Source Wave, where he shares his super ninja SEO tactics. Here is where I first learned how to properly set up a PBN (private blog network). If you’re not familiar with what this is, I suggest that you first start with the basics of SEO that are taught in Bring The Fresh. I have also learned many other marketing strategies from this guy. I mainly enjoy watching his videos because they’re quite funny yet power-packed with value that you won’t find anywhere else… for free! He gives in-depth, proven strategies for SEO, but also for how to get clients to pay you thousands per month to do their SEO, Facebook marketing, building sales funnels, and he’s always cranking out new and awesome content. The beauty about his Source Wave blog is that you get to see all of his tactics step-by-step and over the shoulder. I’d recommend checking out his video blog:
  3. Alex JeffreysAlex Jeffreys – Another rags-to-riches story, this guy hails from the UK and is quite witty. He’s taught me how to blog effectively. Blogging is all about providing real, helpful content others can relate to and enjoy. Sure, doing SEO works, but you can build a powerful money machine by just writing blog posts. Of course you’ll need to do a bit of work sharing your content in the right places, but once the traffic comes, it compounds on itself as others begin to share your content on forums, social media, their blogs, etc. He teaches viral blogging at its most effective. He’s all about providing real, honest value for free, and then leveraging that trust you’ve built with your readers into a passive income. His Marketing With You blog is an excellent read and a great way to learn how to start a million-dollar blog completely from scratch. Alex has gotten quite big since I first started following him, but you can check out his blog here:
  4. Devin ZanderDevin Zander – Another cool and compassionate dude, Devin Zander started his online career with SEO like most of us. However, he’s lately focused on other forms of generating traffic for his businesses. I recently started learning from Devin Zander in his eCom Experts Academy course (details here). He’s a marketing master teaching people how to make a profitable and sustainable eCommerce business. He’s a big fan of Shopify and Facebook ads. He’s has partnered up with some of the biggest names in eCommerce and online advertising to provide you with eCom Experts Academy and eCom Premier Academy. Learn more.
  5. Jeroen WaningMe – Haha. This may seem a bit egotistical, but hey… I put myself on the bottom of the list. Now… right now as of the date of this post, I don’t have much content for you to munch on, but I plan on adding some real value-packed stuff here all for free (well most of it will be for free). One of the most important lessons I want you to take away from this is that you should ALWAYS be marketing yourself and monetize everything you do online. That is why I hope that you will follow me. You can stay connected with me and Biz Niche Media by following me on Twitter and Facebook. I will promise to help you become your ultimate self as long as you hold up your end of the bargain; put in the work!

It is extremely important to have a mentor or someone to follow. You have to be able to learn from someone while you’re just starting your business or whether you’re already established. Every successful marketer has a mentor. Above is my list of people I take very seriously and listen to when they make a new post, video, etc.

Pick someone you can trust, that you enjoy listening to, and can prove their own success. You WILL become successful as long as you take action and put in the work.

Thanks for reading!