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Enjoy Flexible Living with Ceiling Fans and Following an Effective Remodeling Plan for Your Home

Accommodating various activities in one home requires plenty of imagination and planning. Being flexible concerning your remodeling plan is a nice option to have as a trump card for when things change such as when your teenager leaves home. During this stage of your life, you may want to turn the extra space into a guest room or study and feature the best modern ceiling fans with lights while you are at it.

Ideally, you want to deal with trusted builders who have a solid reputation when it comes to anything to do with remodeling homes, adding on and decor. When asked, they may suggest you go for multipurpose furniture, incorporate smart storage, experiment with a variety of cooling fans, and create raised levels for smaller areas of your home.

Should space allow, you can create additional areas for entertaining, working, sleeping and eating. In this regard, the decor should include comfortable chairs and functional furniture set on castor wheels so it may be moved around at will to serve a variety of purpose.

Freestanding shelving & bookcases that can double as storage units is another excellent idea.

Remodel the Home to Provide Extra Space

Say there is a need for expanding your home, then reputed remodelers, and modern fan companies should be your first port of call.

They may suggest you set up a loft room as the extra bedroom so you can make provision for a bathroom and a bed. Furthermore, you should equip this space with enough plug points and windows. Other suggestions offered may include:

  1. Building skylights or fitting dormer windows to ensure proper ventilation to accommodate the hot summer nights
  2. Air conditioning is another option to provide a comfortable feeling within a loft area
  3. Fit storage units into awkward corners

Remodeling Considerations for Your Bedroom

One should consider the proportions of a bedroom that is due for remodeling. Top designer companies will present you with a floor plan and discuss what would be your best option so you would have adequate storage space together with a pleasing arrangement of furniture to include a contemporary fan with LEDs used for cooling and aesthetic purposes. Once you have this in place, it is time to finalize where you would position your lighting. With the planning out of the way, you can talk about which colors and fabrics to use.

Having a plan in place will contribute to balancing your accent features with the right background textures and colors that you can change at will for when you want a different look.

Proper Positioning of Furniture in a Bedroom Area

Within the confines of any bedroom – even a child’s – privacy is of prime importance. Mostly, the door should open towards the bed to momentarily screen it from the person who is entering the room.

Also, to avoid drafts, you should never position a bed right underneath a window or in a direct line between a door and a window. Instead, the position is sideways to the window so that when you are reading during the day, the light will come from behind your shoulder. Feng shui principles dictate that a bed should also not be positioned in front of mirrors.

Your dressing table should be placed in front of a window so the light may fall directly on your face. Mirrors, on the other hand, should not face the light source or be positioned between two windows. The contrast will make your reflection seem darker than it is.

Wardrobe doors should open away from any open window so the light may penetrate inside the cupboard itself.

It might not be seen as such a good idea to position darker furniture in front of a window as it will emphasize the pieces and make the room appear overcrowded.

Balance is one of the fundamental principles to bear in mind when it comes to designing your home to accommodate flexible living. No matter how well the colors, textures, and patterns are coordinated, or the furniture styles blend in, a room that is not balanced will lack harmony.

When you attempt to balance textures, you should aim for proper distribution and plenty of variety where you could contrast smooth with rough and hard with soft. An example of this would be when you make use of a rattan chair which you can offset with a smoothly textured upholstered seat.

Another good tip is to place furniture away from the walls to facilitate good traffic movement.